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We look for talented and passionate individuals, no matter where they are based, to grow with Secconda.


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At its core, Secconda believes in creating meaningful experiences. This philosophy includes our employees. We provide our employees the opportunity to advance their career, hold equity, and become leaders, while being part of a rapidly growing business. Join us and discover a world of opportunities!

Fair and inclusive hiring

Secconda is committed to forming diverse teams from around the world to collaborate towards a positive culture where our team-members can support each other and achieve their goals. We invite all qualified applicants to apply for our open positions.

core values

Secconda’s core values define our commitments and goals.


Secconda provides co-ownership tools to empower customers. We encourage problem solving, creative thinking, and self-motivation among our team members.


Secconda seeks to make homes in top vacation destinations more efficient and to perfect co-ownership.


Secconda forms bonds with our teams, partnering agents, and clients, for the overall wellbeing and benefit of everyone involved. We think of our network as one big, supportive, co-owning family.


Secconda will leave a positive mark on the hearts of those it touches, we present the better way of buying and owning homes, while keeping accessibility, equitability, and sustainability as leading ideals.


You don’t have to trust us.
trust second home owners


“I incorporated into the world of Secconda and saw myself reach new heights professionally. Our customer-driven team and innovative system has taught me so much already, and I can’t wait to keep learning more as we continue to enrich the lives of hundreds of second home owners.”


“Curating spaces for comfort and elegance with Secconda has been the highlight of my career. My favorite part of the job is hearing feedback from homeowners! Under Secconda I have grown immensely as a designer and team player.”


“Secconda took me in like a second home, and I love that I participate in replicating that feeling for others. Working with Secconda has let me meet fantastic and talented co-workers who are passionate about real estate and excited to enter the market”


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