Sell your home to Secconda

We purchase extraordinary single-family homes in high demand second home locales, at a premium.



If you sell your home to Secconda, we ensure you a smooth experience and simple process.


You can decide to just sell part of your home and enter the world of hassle-free co-ownership. Sellers may retain the amount of ownership that fits their needs, between 1/8 and 4/8 of the home.


Selling to Secconda means making top dollar and tapping into the liquidity of your property.


Secconda is a qualified buyer, with a high probability of closing and a history of doing so on time. Secconda collaborates with agents, paying generous commissions, and ensuring a swift process.

What we look for

Above median
home value

Homes that are worth twice or more the area’s median home value.

Best second
home markets

Homes that are located in top vacation spots across Europe and the Caribbean.

Luxury Amenities

Homes with pools, gyms, sports courts, beach & mountain-views, golf course and high-end features.

Ready for move-in

Comfortable homes that don’t require major reconstruction or remodeling.

Secconda Homes In Detail

Seccoda wants for you to enjoy your home, relax and create new memories with your loved ones.

Do you wish to sell your home and keep just part of it? With Secconda it's now possible.

Lower your annual maintenance costs, adapt your ownership to how much you are really using your property.

made simple

Secconda makes it easy to own a second home, and we make selling simple too. After 12 months of ownership, you are eligible to sell at any time at the price you choose.

Begin your journey,
Sell to us

Secconda buys move-in ready high-end homes located in the most popular European and Caribbean vacation destinations; learn whether your home qualifies for consideration.

frequently asked questions

If you're unfamiliar with co-ownership, you may have a lot of questions

Here you can find answers to the most common questions about Selling with Secconda:

What does the process require of me?

Our process is mostly hands-off and stress free for the seller. You get to decide what percentage of the house you want to sell, once you have decided how many shares you want to keep. The remaining interests are then sold to the other buyers.

What is the home sale and purchase procedure?

Secconda partners with local real estate agents  craft precise and attractive marketing materials on print and digital mediums to show your home in all its splendor. Secconda buys your home, retitles it into a Property Company with eight equal ownership interests, and you keep the ownership we have agreed to. The rest of the interests are sold to the other buyers. After closing, Secconda carries out any necessary repairs and aesthetic enhancements.

How does Secconda evaluate prospective buyers?

All potential buyers are thoroughly vetted and must agree to an owner code of conduct.

What about my furniture?

Each home purchased by Secconda is reviewed by our interior design team. Should the existing furniture be found apt for Secconda and the seller ready to part with it, it will be bought directly from the seller at closing. Otherwise, the interior design team will fully redesign the space after closing.


You don’t have to trust us, trust second home owners.

“With Secconda I will actually afford my dream second home, and honestly, it has surpassed my imagination in every way! If you are thinking about it I’d say, don’t dream it, live it.”

Guillaume, F.
France, second home owner

"Arriving at our old vacation home was an absolute nightmare. Every time lights not working, plumbing issues, one or another thing needs fixing. It was stressful! With Secconda all of that is taken care of!"

María V.
Spain, second home owner

“I always wanted a second home to spend time with family and friends, but when I bought my own home, I only used it for a month, or two the whole year. With Secconda, I won’t feel bad for not going more often, and it’s actually cheaper to upkeep.”

Marc Z.
Swiss Alps, second home owner

Begin your journey to owning your second home.

We would be delighted to speak to you. If you share your info with us, we will contact you only when you decide to. We will explain the steps to owning and what to expect in the process.

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