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Our Journey

We work for your delight

Approximately one out of every six dwellings in the European Union remain empty for 10 months or more. As demand for second homes increases, Europe faces escalating home prices that severely limit the financial feasibility of owning a second home. Adding to this, global demand for the best second homes at the most sought-after locations further increases prices and drives housing shortages.

Secconda is here to help those who aspire to own the very best second homes, at a fraction of  the traditional cost.


Secconda is a reflection of the passion and talent of our team. Together, we continuously build on a motivational and developmental work culture where our employees support, share, and connect with each other to foster everyone’s talents. We are ever updating and evolving our environment so team members can grow along, learn, and materialize dreams.

Summarizing Secconda

Secconda establishes an accessible model for second-home ownership through the time-tested method of limited liability co-ownership. In this way, we address luxury prices and maintenance costs; we boost the productivity and enjoyment of second homes. Secconda takes care of home management for the convenience and comfort of owners and cultivates it's technology to make scheduling equitable and simple.


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