Secconda's journey
Why we do it

Most second homes remain empty most of the year. As demand for these homes increases, home prices have escalated, limiting the financial feasibility of owning a second home.

Behind the scenes
The Begining

How it all started in Secconda

Secconda was born from a love for travel and the realities of shared ownership. As we visited the most beautiful locations such as Marbella, the Swiss Alps, The French Riviera, and the shores of Lake Como, we encountered beautiful but abandoned second homes.

Since second homeowners spend the vast majority of their time where their businesses and daily engagements are, we wanted to introduce a solution that would let multiple owners fully enjoy a second home, at a fraction of the traditional cost.

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Our international team works around the world and around the clock to ensure exemplary service, the latest technology, and a comprehensive experience. Our customer-driven experts hail from around Europe and abroad, while our local teams on the ground strengthen the communities where Secconda homes are located.

We create joy and opportunity through care, dedication, and passion.

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Marta Bravo
Jesus Bravo
Beatriz Gil
Xavi Fité
Chief Product & Operations Officer
Walewska Bonneau
Chief Revenue Officer

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“I incorporated into the world of Secconda and saw myself reach new heights professionally. Our customer-driven team and innovative system has taught me so much already, and I can’t wait to keep learning more as we continue to enrich the lives of hundreds of second home owners.”


“Curating spaces for comfort and elegance with Secconda has been the highlight of my career. My favorite part of the job is hearing feedback from homeowners! Under Secconda I have grown immensely as a designer and team player.”


“Secconda took me in like a second home, and I love that I participate in replicating that feeling for others. Working with Secconda has let me meet fantastic and talented co-workers who are passionate about real estate and excited to enter the market”


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