Closing on the
home of your dreams

Once you have decided on the ideal Secconda home, it’s time to become a co-owner!

Close with ease in 5 steps

Closing is streamlined and simple, here we outline the journey to second home ownership:

Step 1

Choose your home

You’ve found your home and now you need to decide how many shares you want. We will schedule a call to review the first document with you to reserve your share. You will need to sign it along with making a small deposit in order to secure your shares.

Step 2

Legal Documents and Resources

Upon receiving the above, we will hand you the set of legal documents that will lead you to the final closing stage. Depending on the country, document names may vary but, essentially, these documents will consist of the Property Company operating, use and enjoyment agreement, program manager agreement, the house policy, the completed inspection report, and the seller disclosure. You will also get a report with details on the monthly operational costs.  

Step 3

It's an important decision... so lets make sure you feel comfortable

Once you receive all documents and before you proceed to sign, you will be able to visit the property again, carry out your own due diligence if you wish to do so on the property, and review all documents carefully. If for any reason you chose to not close, we will refund the full amount of the deposit.

Step 4

One more step to closing

Before closing we organize a call to finalize details. Together we will go over the closing statement, clear any doubts, and ensure all documents are signed. We will also provide you with the wire instructions for the rest of the funds. During this call we can explain how our SeccondApp works.

Step 5


Welcome to Secconda. Now you are ready to meet your property manager for your new owner orientation. You can prepare by downloading the SeccondApp which will serve as your main tool for scheduling your stays. It is time to celebrate, relax and enjoy your new second home.

Choose your home
Legal Documents & Resources
Let's make sure you feel comfortable
One more step to closing
Welcome to Secconda

owner support

We will continue by your side, ensuring that you experience the full benefits of co-owning a Secconda home, avoiding all the hassles. Our services include handling property management, maintenance, app and technology support, bill payment, and overall support.

Relative to the amount of shares held, co-owners are responsible for all incurred operating expenses, including utilities and janitorial services. These expenses are billed to each owner with no mark-up. A monthly bill is charged to cover the cost of our services.

To keep learning please look at our FAQs.

frequently asked questions

If you're unfamiliar with co-ownership, you may have a lot of questions

Here you can find answers to the most common questions about Closing with Secconda:

Will Secconda’s property company asset management fee increase yearly?

Our Property Company asset management fee is a fixed amount that varies depending on the country, with no expected increases.

Does Secconda markup or raise monthly operating expenses?

Owners receive operating expenses at cost with no markup, and with all expense statements available upon request. As manager of the Property Company, Secconda will only adapt fees to changes in household expenses. For example, if there is an increase to the insurance cost of the home, expense statements will increase accordingly.

Does the property company have an operating agreement and can Secconda make any changes to it?

Each Property Company will have the equivalent to an operating agreement. However, the terminology and documents will depend on where the Property Company is formed. Secconda will only have limited authorization for non-material changes on behalf of the owners, while any material changes must be subject to ownership vote. In any case, this will depend on each country.

How are the reserve funds used?

The reserve funds are held in the Property Company’s bank account which is managed by Secconda for exclusive use towards home maintenance and repairs. Major repairs must undergo a transparent competitive bid process after which costs will be covered by the reserve funds.

Am I protected if another owner defaults?

Yes, Secconda serves as corporate guarantor, thereby protecting other owners should one of them default.


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