If you're unfamiliar with co-ownership, you may have a lot of questions

Here you can find answers to the most common questions about Neighbor with Secconda:

What to expect if Secconda is selling in my neighborhood?

Secconda owners are just like whole home owners, just like you! They are true property owners who bring respect, pride, and love for their home and the surrounding community.


What is Secconda and what does it do?

Secconda is a fractional ownership company that provides Property Company management services to individuals who seek to co-own second homes. We provide support for co-owners, management of the Property Company’s legal and property aspects, and ensure a seamless and harmonious experience.


Is Secconda a property management company?

Secconda is not a property management company, it is a real estate service that assists in the purchasing and owning of shares in a second home. We do, however, select and supervise local property managers as part of our services for owners, who in turn oversee upkeep, landscaping, pool maintenance, and more.


Can a Secconda be rented?

Only owners and their guests are permitted to occupy a Secconda Home, rentals are not allowed


How does Secconda benefit my neighborhood and community?

Secconda owners will bring the owner mentality and pride to the community because they are true real estate owners just like whole home owners. While many second homes are left empty and sometimes even unattended for months on end, Secconda’s co-ownership model means the home will be in use all year, with residents contributing to local businesses and communities throughout the year. Our system can also facilitate the resale of your home–partially or entirely–by bringing in additional demand and exposure.


How many neighbors will I have from a single Secconda Home?

While the number of owners will vary by home, there will be a maximum of 8 owners. Only one owner and their family or guests will use the home at any given time.


How can I contact Secconda?

For further questions or concerns please reach out to us at contact page.


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