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Forward-thinking real estate agents will find uncomplicated sales opportunities with generous commissions with Secconda, bringing joy to families everywhere.


We offer an exciting business opportunity for you to grow. If you have a prospective or interested buyer, connect with us.

Agent's Commission

Agents will earn their full buy-side commission in relation to the price of the purchased share or shares. Earn a commission for each share you sell!

Swift Payment

The buyer’s agent commission will be collected immediately upon closing of a sale. As your selling shares to a limited liability company, the sale process will be swift and clean. Fast-paced agents will love collaborating with Secconda.

Hassle Free

Agents usually arrange the buyer introduction while Secconda handles the rest of the process. Agents may be as involved or uninvolved as desired by the buyer. Still, our hassle free process means that Secconda will handle tours, questions, inspections, and the legal process.


Make your full commission, always!

Refer clients and relax, or go the extra mile and see your client through the purchase process. The choice is yours! Earn buy-side commission swiftly and hassle-free.

3% of share price
1 Day
1 hour


Learn all about Secconda and how buyers benefit from our system. Obtain all the tools needed to represent your clients as they begin their Secconda journey. Read expert advice and hear directly from real estate agents that have grown their business through our model.

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Our leadership team is responsible for some of the biggest consumer innovations in the real estate industry. Now these ex-Zillow execs are on a new mission: enriching lives with second home ownership.

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frequently asked questions

If you're unfamiliar with co-ownership, you may have a lot of questions

Here you can find answers to the most common questions about Agent with Secconda:

How are real estate agents compensated by Secconda?

Secconda cooperates with real estate agents and pays full buyer real estate commission.

Is the commission based on the price of the whole home or the share?

The commission is paid based on the share price. Since a commission is paid for each share sold, a single real estate agent can bring in multiple buyers and earn multiple commissions. If one owner purchases more than 1 share the agent is entitled to multiple commissions as well.

When am I paid my commission?

Real estate agents are paid on the same day of the transaction of the share, you do not have to wait until all shares are sold.

How does the process compare to a traditional sale?

The process and paperwork involved are almost identical to a whole home sale. The greatest difference for real estate agents is that Secconda handles everything, lessening the agent’s workload, and opening the path towards an easy commission.

How involved will I be in the transaction?

Real estate agents can be as involved or uninvolved as they want, please let us know your preference.


You don’t have to trust us.
trust second home owners

“My clients and I benefit from not having to worry about anything with Secconda. I recently referred a new client to them, and earned a commission with about 20 minutes of work on my part. I earned my commission and my client earned a lifetime of memories.”

Johan Thomsen

“The reality of today’s economy tells us that the majority of buyers who dream of a second home will be unable to afford the kind of house they would like to buy. Secconda’s ground-breaking business model is changing that, without removing real estate agents from the mix. This is a true win-win situation for everyone involved.”

Alberto Picano
Cargo 2

“Secconda is the true way forward for the real estate industry. They have figured out a truly modern way to obtain a second home by addressing underutilization and rising costs. Their leads have helped my business boom.”

Helena Gataki
Cargo 1

Begin your journey to owning your second home.

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